Eye Opening Information! This is a PHENOMENAL Course! The information can literally change someone’s life when it comes to health care and medical bills. Do not procrastinate if you are someone that has outstanding medical bills or even know that you have an upcoming procedure. This can make the difference in your ability to recover without stress regarding financial obligations. As a healthcare advocate that talks to people daily about their situations, this is a valuable resource. Thanks David for sharing the information and equipping the masses to make a difference.

Dr. Taffy Wagner

Packed with really useful information – Excellent Course! This class covers everything and makes the information easy to understand. I am now much more knowledgeable on the topic of health care and more prepared for future decisions.

Patrick Howell

Well worth the time & investment! I love the simplicity & ease in which you two explain how to help myself. Thank you so much!!!

Anthony Verderame

Detailed and Easy to Follow Course. I have had three kids in the last five years and have many medical bills. This course gave me different ideas and actionable steps on how to negotiate my hospital bills and pay a much lower rate. I recommend this course to anyone who has unpaid medical bills and wants to know how they can take steps to pay less than they ‘owe’. Thanks!

Janet Jimenez

Take charge of your health! I am a true believer that my health represents the most important asset I have. I need to do everything I can to preserve it at normal costs! With this idea in mind I joined this course. The David’s deliver what they promise – the audios and videos are very well polished, the information is easy to digest and implement, and the course is logically structured. Yes, it’s possible to negotiate your medical bills down. Watch these lessons, be active, ask questions inside the discussion section and you will get what the program promises. Join in!

Silviu Marisca

Priceless! Well worth my time!

Scott Britton

Very nice course! In just 2 hours of content I learnt everything I needed to know on how to stop Overpaying in Healthcare Costs! The course is very dynamic, the videos are structured and easy to follow. I highly recommend this course!

Ustin Kompaniets

This course came a great time! I purchased, created user/password and logged in. So far it looks like a great resource! Especially for those of us that need advice on dealing with medical providers. This sort of “how-to” information for dealing with one’s medical bills, along with the “DIY forms” for medical bill reviews and/or “contesting items” loos great so far!

miVoyce User