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Learn how to save on healthcare for yourself or your loved ones.

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Join the only online training and support community in the US that educates and empowers you to price-shop treatments, spot expensive billing overcharges and errors, win insurance appeals, negotiate medical bills down and take back control of your healthcare.

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After my mother was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, I decided it was time to finally fight back against big healthcare costs.  I know what it feels like first hand to get the run-around from the U.S. healthcare system.



As a healthcare attorney, I have people approach me with
$100,000+ medical bills trying to figure out where they went wrong. I helped build miVoyce as a method to educate and empower the patient to navigate the complicated healthcare system.



We Teach You How to Save on Healthcare.

Online Education, Advocacy Tools, Form Letters, Scripts, and Community.

Price Comparison Shop

Learn how to price comparison shop your care and know the cost of care before you go in.

Win Insurance Appeals

Stop getting pushed around; use our attorney-approved response letters and appeal resources.

Negotiate Down Bills

We leverage statistics, industry data and time-tested techniques to negotiate medical bills down.

How to Stay In-Network

Learn how to find and go to the places that your insurance will actually cover.

Save on Locations

Learn how to find the best value locations for your care and see patient satisfaction.

Spot Billing Errors

Up to 80% of medical bills contain errors: learn how to spot errors and call them out.

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Janet Jiminez

"I have had three kids in the last five years and have many medical bills.  The course gave me different ideas and actionable steps on how to negotiate my hospital bills and pay a much lower rate."

Chris Garcia

"Highly recommended, my only regret is I wish I knew about this program/course sooner."

J. Wittman

"I had no idea I could negotiate medical bills, I was able to negotiate my medical bill from $2,348 down to $1000."

Dr. Wagner

"This information can literally change someone's life when it comes to healthcarea and medical bills."

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